Theres nothing quite like getting a birds eye view of the ancient temples of Bagan in Myanmar. This was my first ride in a hot air balloon and as soon as we rose into the sky I knew how incredible the next hour would be and, I suspected I may have triggered a new obsession…

It was an unforgettable morning gently drifting above 3000 stupas. We didn’t know where we would end up as this largely depends on the wind, thus making the flight a truly unique experience for each balloon.

Bagan in Pictures 1

It’s me snapping away!

Bagan in Pictures 3

Magical sunrise view of the Pagodas

Bagan in Pictures 5

Sometimes simplicity is always best

Bagan in Pictures 7

A rare beclipse (balloon eclipse)

Bagan in Pictures 9

The different balloon colours represent the colours of the Myanmar flag

Bagan in Pictures 11

Burmese-style morning commute, way better than the tube!

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Bagan in Pictures 13