This really has to be my favourite place in the world to photograph.

Bolivia is home to one of the most surreal landscapes I’ve ever experienced. 4300m above sea level lies a distinct lake covered in a sheet of red algae and white borax islands. Laguna Colorado is home to hundreds of rare flamingos that flock there to feed on the algae, which in turn helps the flamingos earn their unmistakable colour. The force of the wind here rivals that of Patagonia, and this affects the algae, I had to blink twice when I saw the colour of the surface of the lagoon changing from pink to red to deep orange right in front of my eyes.

I’ll stop now and let the pictures do the talking!

pink lagoon with rocks and flamingos and mountains in bolivian lagoons

Laguna Colorado, a colourful otherworldly lagoon in the sky, can you spot a few flamingos in the distance?

Bolivian Lagoons in Pictures 1

Natures palette

Bolivian Lagoons in Pictures 2

Hundreds of flamingos in the wild at Laguna Hedionda

Bolivian Lagoons in Pictures 3

Pretending to be on Top gear

Bolivian Lagoons in Pictures 4

Pretty in Pink

Bolivian Lagoons in Pictures 5

Yes that is flamingo excrement, and yes I did have to stand in it to take this close up…

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Bolivian Lagoons in Pictures 6

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