Recently I had the chance to visit the latest immersive dining experience from Gingerline. Being a Chambers of Flavour newbie, I didn’t know what to expect but decided to embrace the view that the less I knew beforehand the better!

Chambers Of Flavour V3: Only The Brave Will Dine 1

From what I had read, I was convinced it was going to be a delicious ride. The adventure would last two hours and twenty minutes and would involve travelling through six mind boggling chambers, each accompanied by a corresponding dish. Along the journey I would meet an array of joyous characters that would help us to complete our mission and ensure the night was as absurd as possible.

Chambers Of Flavour V3: Only The Brave Will Dine 2

What made the evening different is that I had no expectations. I love that London has so many immersive theatre shows, dining experiences, and workshops, but none of them have managed to stay a secret, even when they try! Gingerline seems to be the exception, diners are sworn to secrecy, so social media isn’t bombarded with photos from the event, you have absolutely no idea what the evening will hold but trust me you’ll definitely walk away with a smile on your face and an appetite that’s been satisfied.

Chambers Of Flavour V3: Only The Brave Will Dine 3

Before the event you are told the dress code, dark clothing and long colourful socks. I shopped around and managed to find a black pair decorated with green palm leaves and pink hibiscus flowers…needless to say I won the prize for the best socks in my group, so make the effort!

The air of mystery continued with the venue location. It remains a secret until the night of the event, however the company is called Gingerline, so you know it will take place somewhere in East London along the orange (ginger) Overground train line. A few hours before the event you are sent a text, with directions to the secret venue, expect to walk through alleyways and even a building site before you find the location!

When you arrive, you’ll step into a steampunk inspired bar. It’s open from 5pm so you can go early and fit in a few drinks before your time slot. As part of your entrance, you receive a welcome drink, but you can order drinks at the bar for you to enjoy during the experience. Note this is the only time you can order drinks (3 portions per person is recommended), and they will be delivered to you once you begin.

Chambers Of Flavour V3: Only The Brave Will Dine 4
Chambers of Flavour V3

What happens after this must remain a secret, but go with an open mind, empty stomach and an adventurous spirit. Be ready to interact and welcome the slightly outrageous, culinary journey ahead of you. Once you’ve experienced this unique night out, I’m sure you’ll agree this is what dining should be, forget a sit down meal, instead slide your way from one course to the next!

Embrace the fact that only the brave will dine!

Booking Chambers of Flavour V3


Tickets are priced between £50 to £70, but be quick, they sell out extremely quickly!

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jar of orange food at chambers of flavour

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