I am like a fish out of water…in water :/ you know what I mean! Seven years ago in Thailand, I hired a surfboard and tried to teach myself how to surf, of course it was a catastrophic fail and I never tried again. Over the years, I have visited some surfing meccas like Bali and Costa Rica, and have watched in the surfers riding wave after wave in awe. When I made the last minute decision to visit Nicaragua, I decided I should give it a proper go, and head to a surf camp. I stayed at the new DreamSeaSurf camp in San Juan Del Sur, and spent a few days learning the basics.

My first lesson on Playa Maderas

The resort offer weekly packages that include breakfast, dinner, surfboards, surf lessons, yoga, accommodation and transfer to some of the best beaches in Nicaragua. Everyday the team take you out to different beaches around San Juan Del Sur and split you into experience groups, surf boards are provided and you are taught on the beach before you head out into the waves. My first lesson was around 2 hours long, there were 3 of us in the beginners class and by the end of it we had all stood up on our boards several times (4 times for me to be exact!). I drank a lot of sea water and was exhausted from fighting all the waves but the feeling of standing on the board and gliding over the water was truly amazing and I can see why people are addicted to it (even if I only experienced it for 5 seconds at a time!!). My surf teacher was fabulous and taught me to be patient and not just give up because I didn’t get it the first time (sometimes this is an issue with me…), and I’m glad I did persevere. DreamSeaSurf offer packages of 10 hours of surf, private lessons or free surf for those who don’t need lessons, they also include transfers to/from the beaches at different times of the day, so if you are like me and want to stay later for sunset they will come and pick you up in the evening.
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Sunset on Playa Maderas

The fun isn’t over once the surfing is complete, as you head back to the stunning new resort where you can take a dip in the pool, read a book or relax in a hammock before dinner.

Tropical paradise

Aswell as surf lessons they also offer 1.5 hour twice daily yoga sessions in their beautiful yoga platform up in the trees. With the natural light flooding in and birds tweeting, it was the perfect spot to practise.

Yoga deck on the 3rd floor of the reception treehouse


Views above the trees from the yoga platform

Dinners are included aswell as breakfast and you will be asked what you prefer for dinner each morning. The resort and the staff make sure everyone feels welcome and enjoys themselves. During the few months I’ve spent in Central America, I have never felt such a family feel than at DreamSeaSurf Nicaragua. DreamSeaSurf have several surf camps around the world including Spain, Portugal, France, Nicaragua and Bali. When I next find myself in any of those countries I wouldn’t hesitate to stay with them again, and give the surf board another spin!

Learning how to surf with DreamSeaSurf 3

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