With the imminent release of Jewel of the Empire, Funicular Production’s latest immersive dining experience, I joined one of the final sittings of the popular prequel The Murdér Express.

Set in East London it is an interactive moving game of Cluedo, combined with a four-course meal designed by Jane Devonshire winner of MasterChef 2016. Departing from Pedley Street Station, passengers are invited onboard to experience the luxury train which transports them from London to the fictional town of Murdér in France. However, not all the passengers will make it to their intended destination.

The Murdér Express experience

The experience takes part in one of the disused railway arches in Whitechapel. We were the first to arrive for the 8.30pm sitting and were handed our first class tickets with our table number on, before we headed through to the bar area.

Prior to boarding the Murdér Express, we were encouraged to order drinks from the 7 Sins Bar. They had a great selection of wine, beer and soft drinks, as well as themed cocktails like Loco Motive, The Conductor and Dark & Steamy.

As the bar area started to fill up, we were joined by several actors who began to set the scene.

After about 40 minutes we boarded the Murdér Express. Lavish furnishings adorned the roomy interior of the elegant dining car. The plush leather booths were lit with period table lamps, and there was plenty of room for six.

Note: If your party is smaller than six, you will be seated with other passengers or members of the cast. The latter was helpful in determining who the murderer was, as we could play detective and ask as many questions as we wanted!

While the train didn’t actually move, the windows of the carriage were replaced with LCD screens, creating the illusion of movement. Coupled with engine sounds and the smoke machine, we truly felt like passengers on a moving train.

Soon after we were seated, the Amuse bouche was served, and the entertainment began. For the next two hours, we enjoyed the food coupled with the murder mystery. We had fun interacting with the characters, but be warned this is not a serious murder mystery drama. The script is made for entertainment and is geared towards innuendo and slapstick comedy. So be prepared to join in with the rest of your table to review the evidence to decide who the culprit is!

But expect some twists and turns…

The Murdér Express menu

Review: The Murdér Express London 8

The menu was interesting and different from anything we had tried before. The four courses were generous, beautifully presented and well seasoned. I went for the vegetarian option, which was the same for everyone except the main dish.

The highlight for me was the roasted cauliflower starter. Not something I would have ordered as I’m usually not a fan of cauliflower but this may have converted me!

Overall the night was good fun, but next time I’ll be bringing a coat as the train did get quite chilly!

How to get to the Murder Express, London

Murder Express takes place at Pedley Street Station, 63 Pedley St, London, E1 5BW, UK.

The nearest station is Bethnal Green Overground station which is a 6 minute walk away. This should not be confused with the Bethnal Green Underground station which is separate and is 13 minutes walk away. Whitechapel station is also only 10 minute walk away so there are plenty of options to get to Murder Express.

Tickets for The Murdér Express are no longer available. However, the sequel, Jewel of the Empire launches in May at the same venue. Tickets start at £57 and include the 2-hour immersive experience plus the four-course meal, this time created by MasterChef The Professionals 2018 winner, Laurence Henry. Drinks must be purchased separately at the bar.
Remember to email [email protected] prior to your event date.

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Review: The Murdér Express London 13