Known for cheesesteaks and the Liberty bell, the vibrant city of Philadelphia is one of the best places in the USA. So if you’re looking to learn more then you’re in the right place. Below I’ve curated a bumper list of Philadelphia quotes that are guaranteed to have you booking your next trip to Philly! Not only can you use these quotes about Philadelphia to inspire your vacation, but they are also perfect for those looking for Philadelphia Captions for Instagram!

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Best Philadelphia Quotes for Instagram

New York is a place where people go to reinvent themselves; Philadelphia is a place where people discover who they are.– Chef Peter McAndrews

We’re neighborhood people. And that’s what Philly is: neighborhoods. That’s why this all works.— Philadelphia Magazine

World-class museums, cutting-edge galleries, and ubiquitous street murals make this city a trove of creative riches.

I love the dignity in the name Philadelphia, but at heart, we’re Philly.– Lisa Scottoline

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Philadelphia Sayings Quotes

Made in Philly

Philly Dilly

Life, liberty, and cheesesteak

You’re my Philly Special

I’m a Philly and wine kinda girl

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Philly Quotes and Sayings

“In Boston they ask, how much does he know? In New York, how much is he worth? In Philadelphia, who were his parents?”― Mark Twain

I think Philadelphia has been underrated over the years as a musical region.- Daryl Hall

“From the floor, I see the tops of the Philadelphia skyline out of her window. Staring at it, I realize that the night sky isn’t really black, which is the way I’ve always thought of it. It’s actually a dark shade of blue, the darkest possible.”― Siobhan Vivian

Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.- James Carville

“Oh Philadelphia freedom, shine on me, I love you” – Elton John

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Funny Quotes about Philadelphia and Philadelphia Puns

Drive CarePhilly

Phil in the Blank

I’m from Philly, I don’t keep calm

I’d like to see Paris before I die… Philadelphia will do. – W. C. Fields

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Best Philly Instagram Captions

“City of brotherly love, place I call home” – Neil Young

“Back in Philly we be out in the park, A place called the Plateau is where everybody goes” – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

“Oh, baby come down, I want to hold you now, I’m in a Philly mood” – Daryl Hall

“I drink no cider, but feast on Philadelphia beer.” – John Adams

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Pennsylvania Sayings

“Philly, we breed the best, Check the resume” – Meek Mill

“All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” – W.C. Fields

I love Philadelphia. I was shocked at what a great city this is. For me, it is the cat’s pajamas. I love everything about it.” – George Dzundza

“I never walked through the streets of any city with as much satisfaction as those of Philadelphia. The neatness and cleanliness of all animate and inanimate things, houses, pavements, and citizens, is not to be surpassed.” – Frances Wright

“I’ll only get a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. No one else does it right.” – Kevin Hart

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That’s the Best Philadelphia Instagram Captions

That’s the end of my bumper list, so I hope you’ve managed to find the perfect Philadelphia quote

I’d love to know which one is your favorite, and if I’ve missed any awesome quotes on Philadelphia then please let me know in the comments below.

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