Known for its intense desert heat, red rock mountains and the impressive Grand Canyon, the state of Arizona is an outdoor enthusiasts haven. So if you’re looking to learn more about the Copper state then you’re in the right place. Below I’ve curated a bumper list of Arizona quotes. Not only can you use these quotes about Arizona to inspire your next vacation, but they are also perfect for those looking for Arizona captions for Instagram!

arizona quotes for instagram
Arizona Quotes for Instagram – arizona puns captions

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Best Arizona Quotes

There are plenty of quotes, captions and sayings about Arizona, but I will start with nicknames, mottos, slogans and puns that are great one liners about the state of Arizona. They also double up as great Instagram captions for Arizona pictures.

Arizona State Nicknames

The Copper State

The Grand Canyon State

Italy of America

The Sand Hill State

The Aztec State

The Apache State

The Baby State

The Sunset State

Valentine State

Arizona: Sweetheart State

Saguaro national park cactus desert arizona quote
Arizona State slogan Arizona IG captions arizona phrases

Arizona Slogans

Arizona: Yes, but It’s a Dry Heat

Get your Kicks on Route 66

Arizona: because someone has to be 49th in everything

A rich man’s New Mexico

Arizona: Right of California

Soon to Be the Pacific Coast State

So Hot You’ll Forget How Sweltering It Is

Any boredom you might have will evaporate in the heat

“Arizona’s vale of mountain-temples” – Robert Haven Schauffler

quotes about arizona lake powell
Lake Powell Arizona Quotes Arizona nicknames the Copper state az quotes

Arizona Mottos

Myth Becomes Reality in Arizona

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of Arizona

Arizona: Keeping the Supreme Court Alive

We put the AZ in Crazy

No. 1 in our hearts, No. 50 in everything else

Arizona: At least we’re not Alabama

Being this hot has never been so cool

Temperatures higher than test scores

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Sedona quote Arizona motto slogan Arizona’s motto arizona photo captions

Arizona Puns

Arizona: Fry Us for Your Next Vacation

What do vegans in Arizona eat? Tempe.

At least here, the weather is Tempe-rate

Stop Mesa‘n around!

Arizona, Yuma favorite state.

Arizona, we’re always on the same Page.

In Arizona, you’ll find everything from A to Z.

It’s Friday night and I’m Phoenix fine

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Arizona The Wave captions – grand canyon quotes funny

More Puns about Arizona

I can’t stand to see you go, so I’ll just do The Wave

Let’s Ant-elope Canyon away

Don’t get Bend out of shape!

I hope you Havasu-per time at Havasu Falls

I can’t wait to meteor you, Arizona

Dam it, Arizona, you’re too pretty!

You’re one in Ver-milion

Nice to Mead you, Arizona

I didn’t sleep well last night — you were Sonora‘n

Saguaro is another day.

I like big Buttes and I cannot lie

antelope canyon arizona instagram captions
Antelope Canyon Arizona puns and Antelope Canyon quotes scottsdale instagram captions

Grand Canyon Puns

There’s a lot I could say about the Grand Canyon, but it all seems too deep

canyon-ly imagine.

Yes we canyon.

Canyon feel the love tonight?

Canyon dig it?

The Grand Canyon is just gorge-ous.

These views are beautiful as far as the eye canyon see

The Grand Canyon opens up before your very rise.

We’re having a Grand old time!

Flying over the Grand Canyon is a heli lot of fun!

I shouted into the canyon in hopes of hearing my echo…it was a resounding success.

caption grand canyon quotes
Caption Grand Canyon quotes for instagram and Grand Canyon Instagram captions for instagram

More Funny Grand Canyon Slogans

Don’t tell me too much about the Grand Canyon — I just want the cliff notes.

I can’t help feeling sedimental looking at these views.

You can’t deny this view is gorge-ous.

Leaving the Grand Canyon has me feeling vista-ful.

Ain’t no caption grand enough to capture this view.

You’re in fine landform today.

Steep a cool head at the Grand Canyon and don’t look down!

I’m rocking my brains for the last time I saw something this beautiful.

Have you camped in the Grand Canyon? It’s in-tents.

The Grand Canyon: it’ll knock your rocks off.

Never take Mother Nature for granite.

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Sedona Instagram captions for Sedona Arizona pun funny grand canyon captions

Arizona Desert Puns

Arizona? More like Arid-zona

Arizona: serving you just deserts.

Ever since I got back from Arizona, all I’m serving is dry humor

Arizona, I’ll never desert you

Arizona prickles my fancy

Arizona, I’m glad I pricked you

Arizona: Dehyd-rific!

quotes about sedona
Quotes about Sedona captions and Sedona Puns, sedona quotes sayings

Sedona Arizona Quotes

This view is too beautiful — you may want to Sedona

Sedona Rocks

sedona sayings
Sedona sayings, Sedona quotes, and Sedona captions for Instagram sedona arizona captions

Arizona Captions about its Beauty

“Nowhere on this planet is the desert as fascinating as it is in Arizona.” – Joseph Stacey

 “Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is gorgeous red.” – Cecilia Bartoli

“Then the wind blew cool through the pinyons on the rim. There was a sweet tang of cedar and sage on the air and that indefinable fragrance peculiar to the canyon country of Arizona.” – Zane Grey

“Arizona, our beautiful state, was built on mining” – Jan Brewer

 “Let’s pack up and catch us a slow train, and go back to Phoenix to a far brighter day.” – Waylon Jennings

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Sedona Arizona slogan and Arizona state saying

Funny Quotes about the Arizona Heat

“You know you’re from Arizona when you feed your chickens ice cubes to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs.” – Unknown

“Arizona changes its state motto to ‘damn, it’s hot’.” – Greg Proops

 “I hate Arizona. It’s always eight hundred degrees outside and everybody’s always saying, ‘but it’s a dry heat!’ so’s the inside of my microwave” – Joan Rivers

“You know you’re from Arizona when you drive two miles around a parking lot looking for a shady place – even in the dead of winter.” – Unknown

“Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter and hell spends the summer.” – Unknown

horseshoe bend arizona puns
Horseshoe bend Arizona captions and horseshoe bend puns

Funny Arizona Quotes

“You know you live in Phoenix when the cold-water faucet is hotter than the hot-water faucet.” – Unknown

“In Arizona we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.” – Unknown

“You know you’re an Arizona native, when a rainy day puts you in a good mood.” – Marshall Trimble

“In Arizona, shade trees are your best friends and occasionally the basis of small civil wars over parking.”  – Terri Guillemets

“Arizona…a land where a good spring is far better than a gold mine.” – E.E.A

sedona red rock arizona caption
Beautiful Arizona desert Arizona Instagram captions

Arizona Instagram Captions

“You know you’re an Arizona native, when in your heart you’re sure that at the end of the rainbow there is not a pot of gold but a good Mexican restaurant.” – James W. Cook

“Almost everyone in the world knows something about arizona, and some of it is even true.” – Jim Turner

“The Arizona desert takes hold of a man’s mind and shakes it.” – David W. Toll

“Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.” – George Will

“Even the plants in Arizona wanted to hurt you.” – Janette Rallison

sedona arizona slogan arizona motto slogan
Devil’s Bridge Sedona Arizona sayings and Sedona hiking captions sedona pun

Arizona Sayings

“Arizona may be the only state in America where mothers don’t tell their children that someday they can grow up and be president.” – John McCain

“Arizona is a great place to be a radiation researcher.” – Steven Magee

“You know you’re an Arizona native when you take rain dances seriously.” – Skip Boyer

“In the empire of desert, water is the King and shadow is the Queen.”   – Mehmet Murat İldan

“If there’s one thing Arizona is best in the nation at, it’s water.” – Doug Ducey

“You know you’re an Arizona native when you hug a cactus only once in your lifetime.” – Nancy Dedera

beautiful arizona desert arizona state saying
Road trip around Arizona quote and captions about Arizona

Horseshoe Bend Instagram Captions

Horseshoe bend was just gorge-ous

Living life on the edge

Don’t get Bend out of shape!

Horseshoe bend is absolutely view-tiful

I wanted to be edgy

horseshoe bend captions
Horseshoe bend captions, Horseshoe bend quotes and Horseshoe bend instagram caption

Grand Canyon Quotes

“It’s like trying to describe what you feel when you’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it’s like” – Jack Schmitt

“There will never be a photograph of the Grand Canyon that can adequately describe its depth, breadth, and true beauty” – Stefanie Payne

“The Grand Canyon is living evidence of the power of water over a period of time. The power may not manifest immediately. Water can be very powerful, like a tidal wave” – Frederick Lenz

“In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world” – Theodore Roosevelt

grand canyon quotes about grand canyon
Grand Canyon quotes about Arizona saying grand canyon caption

More Grand Canyon Captions

“There’s not a single person in Arizona today who would say the Grand Canyon was a mistake” – Stewart Udall

“I can still remember my first experience of standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and looking into it. It was so awesome, it took a fair amount of restraint to prevent me from jumping into it, because I was certain I could fly” – Mark Goulston

“Crying – acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon” – Ron Swanson, Parks & Rec

“Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal” – George Will

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Quotes about Grand Canyon captions and Grand Canyon slogan grand canyon quote

That’s the Best Quotes about Arizona

That’s the end of my bumper list, so I hope you’ve managed to find the perfect Arizona quote or Sedona caption. I’d love to know which one is your favorite, and if I’ve missed any awesome quotes about Arizona then please let me know in the comments below.

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